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Founded in February 2005, Netconsult Online is a professional services organisation which specialises in providing a comprehensive set of training services for small vendors and start-ups with the goal to help those organisations reduce operational risk, increase productivity, and support revenue growth.

Training is a key part of developing your business and your team, and our certified trainers pride themselves on delivering high quality training for your customers, whether they are channel partners or end users. We can either deliver your own internally developed training, or we can create customized training course and curricula tailored to your specific needs – to your company, your people and your customers. 

Our Consultant Trainers 

One of the most important considerations in the training business is your reputation. Not just your reputation for providing high quality innovative products, but your reputation for providing high quality and innovative training programs that are easily accessible and understood by your target audience. At Netconsult Online we believe the way we are organized, creates a company focussed on excellence which benefits your company’s training programs..

  • Directly employed trainers and developers - We can ensure that our employed trainers are up to date with their knowledge and certifications, ensuring the highest quality training possible. We also have full control of our trainers’ diaries so there are no conflicts or distractions with other commitments.
  • No more training schedule “vapourware” - Because Netconsult Online operate as a committed business partner, we take the long term view, and because we employ our trainers, we are not subject to standard course profitability constraints. In short, we don’t cancel courses due to “low fill”. Operationally this means that your partners and customers can plan their training programs knowing that a course will run and not suffer the operational disruptions caused by courses continually getting cancelled.
  • Our trainers are consultants - Everyone knows that real life experience is important when educating others, but technology moves on and trainers can often be left behind. All our trainers are professional services consultants who actively design, deploy and troubleshoot the latest network technologies.
Our Facilities
We at Netconsult Online understand exactly what makes learning an effective and enjoyable experience, and the training environment plays an important role. That is why we have invested in a purpose built training centre built around the student learning experience. It is located in a popular business park in Oxford, which has ample free parking, a large business class hotel and great communications links.
We have two fully kitted out large and bright training rooms and each room can hold up to 16 students. The training rooms are fully air conditioned and contain a number of large computer desks to provide as much space as possible for the students. Each desk has enough space for student laptops, course material and any other training equipment needed.
Each training room has been soundproofed to prevent distractions and there is a full size “whitewall” onto which the course presentations are projected and where the trainer can draw notes and diagrams. The large 5 metre projected image means that presentation content is clearly visible at the back of the class.
Our Training Services 

Netconsult Online provide a range of training courses which covers all aspects from content creation to content delivery and student certification. Any or all of these services are available if we become a training partner

Curriculum Development
Let us work with you to understand the needs of your business and the needs of your customers to produce a tailored training curriculum that will enable your company’s partners to be effective sales and support outlets for your products and services.

Content Development
From your curriculum, we can develop a comprehensive set of training content and tools which are designed to target sales, pre-sales and installation and support representatives within your or your partner organisations so that they become experts at selling, designing, installing and supporting networks built with your products.

Content Delivery
When your content is completed and ready to go, we can provide the means for you to deliver your message and the skills necessary to support the sales of your products. Netconsult Online are able to deliver sales and technical training however, whenever and wherever it needs to be.

  • Instructor-led classroom based training (ILT) - Traditional training delivery that the majority of people prefer because is enables the natural two way interaction between instructor and student. Additionally, taking the student out of their environment, focusses the student on the learning process. This is also the most effective method of knowledge transfer and hands-on training.
  • Instructor-led virtual classroom based training (vILT) - Can be as effective as regular ILT deliveries and is useful for situations where teams are not able to travel or are dispersed around the country or globe, making travel prohibitive in both time and expense.
  •  E-learning - Self paced online training or e-learning is another option especially when taking time out from work is difficult. Businesses demand a solution that fits into busy work agendas and e-learning is a way to share knowledge in a way that does not impact business performance. Learning effectiveness can be measured with built in testing and evaluation modules.
  • Blended Learning - In some cases the best option is a combination of all three of the above delivery methods. This is typically used for sales or theory training which can easily be delivered using an e-learning course. Hands-on and technical training is more suited to ILT training delivery where access to equipment is a requirement.


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