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This 3 day class is designed to update existing ACMA and ACMP certified engineers on the new features and GUI workflow introduced in ArubaOS v8. Students registering for this class should be prepared for an accelerated format where only new features are covered by lectures and all the labs of the Mobility Bootcamp are updated for the new AOS v8 features and GUI workflow.

The lab-intensive course is designed to provide students the knowledge, skills and practical experience required to set up and configure the ArubaOS v8 WLAN in a variety of network scenarios using a combination of Virtual Mobility Masters, physical and virtual controllers.

This course is based on ArubaOS 8.1 

Target Audience

Certified ACMA and ACMP engineers needing to update their knowledge and skills to implement multi-controller ArubaOS v8 WLANs.

Course Prerequisites

It is a requirement that students attending this course have also attended one of the following courses or achieved one of the following certifications:

Course Contents

  • ​ArubaOS v8.x Architecture & GUI
  • ArubaOS v8.x Licensing
  • AOS v6 labs updated for AOS v8.1
    • Mobility Master and Managed Device initial deployment
    • WLAN service provisioning
    • AP provisioning
    • 802.1X Authentication
    • Firewall policy and Role configuration
    • Captive Portal o Mobility Master redundancy
    • Multi-controller deployment (multiple Managed Devices – 2 physical controllers)
    • IP Mobility
    • High Availability (AP Fast Failover)
  • ArubaOS v8.x Features
    • Controller Clustering
    • Multizone
    • AirMatch
    • Northbound API
    • AppRF Enhancements
    • AOS v8.1 Labs
      • Controller Clustering
      • Multizone
      • AirMatch
  • Lab equipment used during the course
    • 2 x Virtual Mobility Masters (MM)
    • 2 x 7010 Controllers
    • 2 x AP205

Course Duration

3 days


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