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Course Overview

This course teaches you how to plan and design enterprise Aruba campus wireless and wired networks. Hands-on labs give you experience with network design from information gathering to planning and high-level design including RF Planning, Redundant Campus Architecture design, and Remote Access Branch office design.

This course also teaches Aruba Mobility Network Design for Aruba Secure wireless and wired network deployments using Aruba Best Practices on how to plan and design enterprise campus networks including designing for redundancy and high availability.

Successful conclusion of the course prepares the participant for the Designing Aruba Solutions (ACDP) exam proctered through PearsonVue test centres and PearsonVue online. 

Target Audience

Typical candidates for this course are IT Professionals and Network Architects who will design and plan networks based on Aruba wired and wireless products and solutions.

Course Prerequisites

  • Aruba Certified Mobility Associate (ACMA) certification (Recommended)

  • Aruba Certified Switching Associate (ACSA) certification (Recommended)

Course Objectives

  • ​Given a customer's needs for a single site, determine the information required to create a solution
  • Evaluate a customer's needs for a single site canmpus, identify gaps and recommend components
  • Translate a customer's needs into technical requirements
  • Select the appropriate products based on a customer's needs for a single site campus
  • Given a customer's requirements for a single site campus, design the high-level architecture
  • Given a scenario explain how a specific technology or solution would meet the customer's requirements
  • Given a scenario fore single site campus, choose the appropriate components to be included in a Bill of Materials (SOM)
  • Given the customer's requirements for a single-site environment, determine the component details and document the high-level design
  • Given the customer's requirements for a single-site environment, determine and document a detalled network management solution
  • Given the customer's requirements for a single-site environment, determine and document a detailed network security solution
  • Given the customer's requirements for a single-site environment, determine and document the logic and physical networks
  • Given the customer scenario, determine and document licensing requirements
  • Given the customer's requirements, explain and Justify recommended solution

Course Agenda

  • Module 1: Information Gathering
    • Key Stakeholders
    • Physical Environment
    • Current Network Usage
    • Scope of the Project
  • Module 2: RF Planning
    • Review RF Fundamentals
    • Deployment Models
    • RF Planning
    • Selecting APs and Antennas
    • RF Channel Design
  • Module 3: Aruba Campus Design
    • Product Line & Portfolio
    • Mobility Controllers
    • Deployment Models
    • Licenses
    • Instant AP
  • Module 4: Wired Network Design
    • Wired Architectures
    • VSF and Blackplane Stacking
    • Plan the Access Layer
    • Plan the Aggregation/Core Layer
  • Module 5: Access Control and Security
    • ClearPass Features
    • ClearPass Server Design
    • Wireless Employee Access Control
    • Wired User Access Control
    • IDS and WIPS
  • Module 6: VLAN Design
    • Wired VLAN Deployment
    • WLAN VLAN Deployment
  • Module 7: Redundancy
    • MM Redundancy
    • MC AP Redundancy
    • Wired Redundancy
  • Module 8: Quality of Service (QoS)
    • Application Requirements
    • Traffic Prioritization
    • Capacity Optimization
    • Roaming Optimization
  • Module 9: High Density Design
    • RF Channel Design
    • High Density RF Coverage
    • Very High Density Design
    • Deployment Example
  • Module 10: Branch Deployments
    • Branch Deployment Options
    • Remote AP
    • VIA
    • Instant AP VPN
    • Branch Office Controller
  • Module 11: Network Management
    • Network Management Introduction
    • AirWave
    • Central
    • AirWave & Central Licenses
  • Module 12: Practice Scenario

5 days


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