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Course Overview

The ExtremeEOS Switching and Routing training course provides Extreme Networks® customers and partners with instructor-led lectures and extensive hands-on laboratory exercises using the ExtremeEOS switches. This course presents the concepts, skills and tools required to deploy the Extreme Networks products in the most common situations for Layer 2 and Layer 3 networks.

Target Audience

his course is designed for individuals with their Extreme Networks ExtremeEOS Switching and Routing solution.

Course Prerequisites

Students should possess a solid grasp of LAN concepts, including advanced Ethernet and TCP/IP skills. Attendance of the ExtremeEOS Fundamentals course is recommended.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will have gained the working knowledge to complete the following actions: Access and use the ExtremeEOS CLI and legacy CLI, Install and configure Extreme Networks management tools, Configure Layer 1 and Layer 2 networking features, Understand and verify ExtremeEOS stacking, Configure a network using Lags, Configure Layer 3 routing, OSPF, ACLs, VRRP and PIM

Course Agenda

  • Switch Management, using the ExtremeEOS CLI including, software and configuration management, configure switches for management and secure switch management; RADIUS, SSH2, HTTPS, SNMPv3.
  • Discussions around Port & Link Configuration, including Link Aggregation, LACP and Mirroring.
  • Layer 2 Forwarding, VLANs and Spanning Tree.
  • ​Configuring IP Routing and OSPF (single area configuration).
  • Discussions and hands-on lab reinforcement on Access Control Lists (ACLs) and Policy Based Routing (PBR).
  • Technology overview, configuration and implementation of Protocol Independent Multicast – Sparse Mode (PIM-SM).
  • Discussions regarding redundancy utilizing Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), including configuration and troubleshooting techniques. ​ ​

Course Duration

4 days

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