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Course Overview

Students will learn methods to properly implement, configure, and manage their policy-enabled network environment. This knowledge will be reinforced through actual hands-on experience with networking equipment in a lab environment, where students will perform real world tasks designing security policies for infrastructure applications.

Target Audience

Network / Security Managers, and System Administrators / Operators

Course Prerequisites

Students should possess an understanding of network fundamentals, traffic classifications, and general network management concepts, as well as network security concepts and technologies. Extreme Networks recommends the following courses prior to enrolling in the Policy course: Extreme Management Center Boot Camp, Extreme Wireless and/or Switching and Routing Boot Camp

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will have gained the working knowledge to successfully configure and manage their Policy implementation as well as take the Policy Specialist certification exam.

Course Agenda

  • Overview of Extreme Networks Policy concepts, as well as discussions regarding the Extreme Networks Policy solution.
  • Overview and discussions of traffic management challenges and general assumptions, traffic classifications using Extreme Networks Management Software (ExtremeManagement) Policy implementations, policy configuration guidelines, hardware considerations for effective traffic classification and traffic marking.
  • Introduction to Policy deployment, including policy configuration approaches, deploying static policy for trusted and un-trusted (guest) users and the deployment of dynamic policy for trusted users. Extreme Management Policy configurations, enforcement, deployment methods and additional considerations for the overall approaches are also covered.
  • Hands-on instruction for creating roles, services and rules as well as basic Class of Service (CoS) implementation for assigning rate limits and CoS priority.
  • Authentication methods including RADIUS client configurations, authentication services including RADIUS configuration and 802.1X supplicant configurations and interaction.

Topic List

  • Extreme Policy Overview
  • Extreme Management Center Getting Started
  • Traffic Classification Logic
  • Implementing Extreme Policy
  • Extreme Policy Wireless Controller Integration
  • Extreme Policy Design Process
  • QoS/CoS
  • Dynamic Extreme Policy Assignment
  • Policy Reporting & Management

Course Duration

4 days

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