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Course Overview

The "OpenFlow and SDN Fundamentals" is a training course provides a hands on introduction to Software Defined Networking (SDN) and OpenFlow. The course covers the theory behind SDN and OpenFlow and their adoption in networks and spceifically in data centre environments.

Sudents will get to build an OpenFlow network environment using the Floodlight OpenFlow controller which will interface with OpenvSwitch installed on a Debian host and on an Edge-Core bare metal switch.

Target Audience

Network engineers who are new to SDN and OpenFlow and need to familiarise themselves with the installation, management and operation of an OpenFlow based network.

Course Prerequisites

Students should have some basic experience with IPv4 and LAN switching systems.  Experience using Linux is preferrable although not essential.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to SDN and OpenFlow
  • SDN Architecture
  • OpenFlow Overview
  • OpenFlow Operation
  • OpenvSwitch Concepts
  • FloodLight Controller Overview
  • Installing OpenvSwitch
  • Installing an OpenFlow Network OS
  • Installing the Floodlight Controller
  • Configuring flows using Floodlight

Course Duration

1 day

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