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Course Overview

The "OpenStack Concepts" training course is a short introduction to the implementation of OpenStack and covers the OpenStack achitecture and services used in an OpenStack deployment.

Target Audience

Network engineers and System Admins who are new to OpenStack and need to familiarise themselves with the installation, management and operation of an OpenStack cloud network.

Course Prerequisites

Students should have some basic experience with IPv4 and LAN switching systems.  Experience using Linux is preferrable although not essential.

Course Outline

  • OpenStack Introduction & Architecture
  • OpenStack Services in Detail
  • Installing and configuring an OpenStack Cloud using DevStack
  • OpenStack Neutron Networking
  • OpenStack Neutron Networking with OpenvSwitch
  • Using the OpenStack Dashboard
  • Configuring OpenStack using Floodlight

Course Duration

1/2 day

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