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One of the most important considerations in the training business is your reputation. Not just your reputation for providing high quality innovative products, but your reputation for providing high quality and innovative training programs that are easily accessible and understood by your target audience. At Netconsult Online we believe the way we are organized, creates a company focussed on excellence which benefits your company’s training programs..

  • Directly employed instructorsand developers - We can ensure that our employed instructorsare up to date with their knowledge and certifications, ensuring the highest quality training possible. We also have full control of our trainers’ diaries so there are no conflicts or distractions with other commitments.
  • No more training schedule “vapourware” - Because Netconsult Online operate as a committed business partner, we take the long term view, and because we employ our trainers, we are not subject to standard course profitability constraints. In short, we don’t cancel courses due to “low fill”. Operationally this means that your partners and customers can plan their training programs knowing that a course will run and not suffer the operational disruptions caused by courses continually getting cancelled.
  • Our instructorsare consultants - Everyone knows that real life experience is important when educating others, but technology moves on and instructorscan often be left behind. All our instructorsare professional services consultants who actively design, deploy and troubleshoot the latest network technologies.

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